Irons: The big debate

John Richards

24 April 2023

We've all been there

Picture the scene...

You turn up at the range with your clubs to hit a few balls. When taking in your surroundings, you can’t help but glance around you at how other golfers are getting on. You start guessing players’ handicaps based on their strike and how pure each ball sounds. The 5 or so players having a group lesson using standard gear may well be high handicappers, but the person launching balls down the range with some well-maintained shiny irons is at another level.

Golf irons can be broadly split into two categories: those that look amazing and those that help you play better. Players with a high handicap will want dependable irons that will improve their game. While players with a low handicap may be more inclined for those that will have them playing in style and attacking the flag.

Mizuno is renowned for making quality clubs that are suitable for specific types of golfers, from beginners to professionals. Please read on as we give you two examples of their latest available iron sets. One that looks incredible, and one that’s super friendly and reliable.


Stroking the ego

Mizuno Pro 221 golf iron
Mizuno Pro 221 irons

It’s part of our psychology that when we feel we look good we gain confidence, and playing good golf is all about having confidence in your shots. The Mizuno Pro 221 irons are a smooth blade-like style club and ooze charisma.

The classically designed club head looks great when you’re standing over the ball, and they certainly dazzle when they’re lined up in your bag. The whole club gives you the feeling of holding something special and powerful.

Part of what makes blade irons so special is that they’re forged from a single piece of metal. Because the club is a solid unit, it’s much more workable and receptive to you shaping the shot how you want it. Unlike game-improvement irons, there’s less emphasis on forgiveness and distance, so if you’re skilled enough you can shape the ball unhindered. A lovely bi-product is the feel and sound through impact, with these Mizuno Pro 221 irons leading the way when #nothingfeelslikeamizuno.

This is exactly the kind of design tour players love as it’s so nimble and workable. If you’re in the single-figures and looking for new clubs, you’ll be very tempted to try these Mizuno Pro 221 blades.


Playing it safe

If you love the game of golf but haven't reached the lofty heights of single-figure golf yet, you’ll be looking for some irons that will offer you lots of forgiveness and performance. There are loads of handy game-improvement irons available, with the JPX923 Hot Metal High Launch irons from Mizuno being a prime example.

These irons are packed with features to help you make clean strikes. The clubface has been designed to help you achieve a higher ball launch and faster ball speed so you get some good distance, whether you’re hitting off the tee or going for the green.

It's not all about the face though, the shape of the club is no accident. If you pick the club up and go to the address stance, you’ll notice that the JPX923 Hot Metal HL irons have a slightly thicker topline than the Mizuno Pro 221 irons mentioned earlier. It'll also have a wider sole to help you with turf interaction and striking the ball with more confidence on every shot.


What are your thoughts?

So, if you’re looking to buy some new irons this year, which style of club would you go for? Bladed clubs or game improvement irons? Naturally, you’ll want to take your level of ability into account, and that would be our recommendation too. While we could probably all hope to improve our game, the elite clubs that look the most stylish are a great example of why we love golf, and can’t help but wonder what the clubs of the future will look like.

Whatever your golfing targets this year, we’ll be able to help you find the equipment most appropriate for you. Visit us in the pro shop and we’ll walk you through all the hardware and products we have available.

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